I’m in love with my thoughts, my mind ,my plans and my brain maniac growth/ I’m in love with my emptiness , sharpness, weakness , sorrow and my tenderness even my happiness cause its true I’m in love with only me not with you /

I’m in love with my mistakes, risky , courage and cowardice /cause sometimes it turn to happens be the source of my safety /

I’m in love with my energy , efforts and my soul’s immunity / cause that’s when it happened that I had energy on attempts to save my community / though I exaggerated with my trials to change the world led by my immunity /

I’m in love with my insomniac, cool maniac , taz maniac and hiphop cultural illimatic / indeed I’m different with ones whom are in love with themselves till they chosen to be kleptomaniac /

I’m in love with my inner voices even though sometimes it’s cause noises and cause the whistles happens to make the dawg pound loose the focus with seizures / I’m in love with my background, lifestyle of being loud and underground /

im in love with my historical background , since i came from good times to the bad times I know why I’m.blessed / with stresses make me remember the times from lounging and struggling till the ends if times /

what I don’t love is, I’m heartbroken from all that I was in love with that’s now smells rotten / I’m completely not myself till I find someone who can show me what real love is /

I think I admired all those types of love in me from one perspective to another / cause to find what love real means I didn’t bother / I’m in love with my imaginary force that tells me to say I’m in love even when it lies on me and flies away like fleed white dove /