I see it.

If ‘photography’ itself was a picture – one side of the frame would be idealized, manufactured fantasy, the other brutal imperfect realism. The foreground and background would comprise everything in between. ADD baby in bucket, ADD nakedness, ADD afghan soldier, ADD fallen rockstar, ADD doorway. There’s really so much that can be drawn from just one frame. But rather than trying to write about it all and rather than boring myself – and losing you – let’s simplify. For ADD. Pictures work well for this generation of ADDers. Words can take to long to speak to people. Pictures do it quicker. And besides – writing on imagery is a very self-satisfying exercise. Everyone will see something differently – with their own set of filters.

Oh, photography.

Drunken photography has its place. Yes. Dumb it down. And see all the second-to-but-second-to-none details. The simplicity of the scene. The normal beauty. The beautiful normalcy. Ignorant honesty. Honestly ignorant. Viewer concentrate. Snapper capture. Noun continue.

Furniture photography. Product photography.

Thing photography. Straight ‘this is it’ photography. A picture of meat in your newspaper. A picture of a picture of food – on a can. And no more pictures of cigarettes. Please and no thank-you.

Paparazzi… … … the worst of all… but somehow… someway… sadly. Yes.

And something different still?

Yeondoo Jung.

You see it.