by Naomi Elyse Grey

Think about what it would be like to have your own background music: a song that relates to your every move. From waking up in the morning for work to going out at night with friends, there would be a melody wherever you go. But what about when all you want to do is lay back and let your mind wander? What tunes would be playing then? For a time of the day when your thoughts seem closer to reality than you do, there is only one answer: The Daydream Club. Consisting of Paula Walker and Adam Pickering, this band from the Midlands, England gives new meaning to the word simple, through the thirteen exquisitely constructed tracks on their debut album Overgrown. Their sound– broken down to the bare-essentials– is intimate, fresh and showcases the cohesion of the instruments and the chemistry of the vocals. Even though this melodic duo is new to the music scene, their album which debuted November 1st, has already received attention from BBC stations like 6music and BBC Nottingham as well as a video segment on, and that is only the beginning for these two young musicians.

It can be fairly easy to pick up and go when you want a change of scenery. When that’s not possible, listening to “On the Move”, the first track on the album, is like taking a long drive to your favorite place with the top of the car pulled down. This song offers the breeze you would feel against your face, through the harmonic vocals and the racing speed as you careen across familiar paths, through the acoustic guitar and the rhythmic drumming sounds. (All the instrumentation on that track comes from the acoustic guitar which includes all of the percussive sounds; it’s literally just 1 guitar and 2 vocals).

With a music video on the way, this song is a great start to a great album. Alarms Ring Out is mellow and warm, and the voices of Paula Walker and Adam Pickering intertwine and flow effortlessly with the guitar. In A Picture of You, the piano has a tragically romantic feel to it and the lyrics are sung so perfectly to the point that you can’t help but imagine a story of love and loss. This song is just one of the examples of how amazing lyrics combined with genuine vocals can turn an ordinary song into a story.Daydream Club

It’s not just their indie background that makes The Daydream Club unique, it has a lot to do with how effortlessly beautiful Overgrown is and how the lyrics are sung by Paula Walker and Adam Pickering with such conviction, those two things without a doubt make The Daydream Club special. This band is going places and it wants to take you with them, the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy it.

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