While the subject of this article is a band that has been around for over 300 moons, Pink Turns Blue retains a certain immortal quality that keeps them at the forefront of the dark music scene evermore.

I Coldly Stare Out [IF TWO WORLDs KISS L.P., 1987]

In the 1980s, darkwave music was oft mischaracterized as an offshoot of new wave. Clearly prior to this day, as whispers of gothic rock resonated in the post-punk scene of the late 1970s, darkwave was already born.

Can’t Be Love [GHOST L.P., 2007]

But what is goth today? Perhaps there’s a new alienation to revel in now; a groundswell of even deeper fears of the unknown smoldering beneath the surface. While punk tends to be about rebellion and ideals, goth is about acceptance of the true nature of the universe as a vast and cold environment which bears no responsibility towards humankind. It’s an existential contemplation, and it’s scary because all signs point to the fact that it’s true.

Kiss Of Death [STORM L.P., 2010]

However, a faithfulness lives on. In our calls to action, in our ambitions, in our desires and in our visions. We still know what is right, and if we can proceed beyond our fears, we live forever in the endless, formless results of our every action.

Your Master Is Calling [LIVE, 1989]