Bonnie finishes dressing for her Saturday night into Sunday morning adventure. A relief from her weekday of lectures and studying at the college within an university. She leaves the apartment, going to the neighborhood steak and hoagie shop. she orders a loaded cheese steak, medium basket of french fries to fortify her stomach in case somewhere in her adventure more booze then food rules. she stops at friend’s apartments but they already started their adventure. So, she decides to make one more stop for an adventure partner or two before strolling alone into her own adventure. A female opens the door. Bonnie recalls Frank introducing her as his lesbian cousin, Maggie. Frank and some of his friends left to have a good time maybe an hour ago Maggie says. Shit Bonnie moans. Then she asks can she use the bathroom. I have to pee bad she says. Sure Maggie says. She steps aside. After leaving the bathroom, Bonnie stops in the living room to interrupt Maggie television watching to say, thank you. Maggie looks at her and asks forthright, do you want to have sex? Taken-aback at first then after a moment of thought says sure why not. Now, when Bonnie go on an adventurous night, she has more of a good time to wish for.