Between love, life and death the answer is one and the same~ Delivered
Within deliverance~ Moment within passing moment~ Suspended
Within immortal time~ There is no pity for such illusions~ For
Pity itself is an illusion~ A distraction from the softer
Message spoken yet unheard~ But if there be ashes~

~I would dust myself with death~

Particles mingling with life to be renewed
Once again~ There is artistry within
The bruising of vibrant purple hues
Need you be reminded of your
Royal spirit? Death of spirit
Or death of flesh…Which
Is consequential? For
Spirit is impervious
To mortal man~
Be the thorn
And the


Are both
Pleasure and
Pain for the sake of
Love’s own lessons~ The heart
Moves for the sake of its own life~ Beating

Toward a timeless