Before the middle of the night
I stood still in surprise
No clouds sprouted on thy horizon
No winds mixed wi’ thy heaven.

I beseech ye dearest sky
Why stars caress not thee?
‘Tis time for new moon
To spread its gladness thro’ thy clarity
But I see her not.

I bessech thee dearest sky
Did you send them afar, to orb obscured
To glow for other soul
Glow for other soul lost into the mist.

Send them did ye my dearest
To shine one’s way back to clearness.
Or maybe my dearest,
You lost them thro’ waves of thy
In the midst of the eclipse cry.

Prithee my dearest sky
Strive, bring one back
Let the martyrs gaze stark beauty
Let them feel divine power
Let me espy some
For I’m one among many.