I was sitting in a room with, I think, seven people. Everyone was chatting away and I noticed several different conversations happening at once. Marveling at how they ebbed and flowed, around and into each other… Also, how the lulls seemed to come to the group as a whole. – Thomas Pelto

Fleeting thoughts, freely flowing.
Some make no sense, some seem all knowing.

Ideas, emotions, opinions, transmitted through eyes,
tone of voice, gestures, capture interest.

But only for a moment.

Then a silence settles in, lost on a tangent, or tertiary thought.
Stranded with many crossed conceptions in our heads.

Suddenly… Another topic of reflection starts.
Tiny crackles of electro-chemical energy spark,
gathering facts, finding lost memories,
remembering feelings, and postulating theories.

Data courses between synapses, receptors.
Then fires down nerves, like power through wires.
Stimulating diaphragm, larynx, and tongue;
to form a vibration; waves that shake the air.
Floating free in all directions
Until they tickle another sentient ear.