A Confessional Screen

A Confession Screen

Bare Confession

My Lord has given me a little bit
of this world, a little bit
I do not have. The little bit
He gives me is sufficient for me and i
can’t be thankful enough for it.
The bit of this world that
i haven’t got
i can’t care less for that.
I am completely aware of my worthlessness
and completely satisfied in it.
I have been accepting it
since the day I decided
to drop my degree,
since the day she decided
I wasn’t worth her time,
since the day I stopped appearing
in exam,

since the day I wrote my first poem
and came to realize
that it’s no big deal
as no one really reads poetry,
since the day you are comparing me
to the S/O So-and-So,

(The day she read my poem was different though)


since the day my first teacher
mockingly named me dreamer and
since the day your So-and-So
called me absent-minded and
those Sons of So-and-So
called me crazy while you were always there listening and
comparing me to those smart Sons of So-and-So!

(Now you know
I’ve an IQ score
far more than any of your
so-and-so and i
can pretend to be
as present as any so-and-so)
So my Dearest,
please don’t waste your time
in trying to convince me
of something which i’ve already accepted,
time and again.

And please know that
I am completely content
in my worthlessness
sans figures of speech!
–an unnecessary artist of
an art-form which is on
its deathbed,
satisfied in being that!