Step into the mind.
Fade into thought.
Seek comfort.
See the image.
Stain it with fear.
Seek comfort.

Drawing from classic horror films like The Shining, Psycho and The Exorcist, BAD DREAMS features various hand-made quilts stitched with visions of fear and comfort. The large quilts cast a blanket of warmth with that of shock.

“It’s an exploration of the things that haunt us in our sleep, turned into something soft and cozy.”

BAD DREAMS presents reoccurring themes like horror and relationships with people through a display of large quilts that explore tangible, lucid and captive sensations.

Gabel works with topics like the ambiguity of fear by etching suspenseful scenes such as a man swimming in shark water.

Another matter of exploration is the sleep disorder commonly referred to as ‘the old hag syndrome’. The disorder is projected through a multi-layered quilt that’s thick with fabric. The intricate patchwork of the all-black quilt represents a battle between warmth and repression.

So where does this creative take on quilt-making stem from?

“I watch a fair amount of horror movies and I’m really into pop culture. I collect a lot of weird stuff so I guess I’m pretty inspired by rummage sales, second hand stores and specialized museum taxidermy,” explains Gabel.

According to Gabel’s experience, we share about ten nightmares. Getting chased or trapped, being killed, hurting loved ones, choking on objects, solving crime, and teeth falling out are among the token visions and scenarios that invade behind our eyelids.
More of Brette’s work can be found here.
BAD DREAMS runs until October 30th, 2011 at gallerywest [1332 Queen St. W].