by Kristen Fisher

Lana Del Rey is more than just plump lips and soft features. Her voice makes you want to listen to what she has to say, and her lyrics don’t disappoint.

Lana del rey wearing a crown of flowers

Her official debut, “Born To Die” comes out on January 27th. But check out “Kinda Outta Luck”:

She’s straight out from the sixties with her “Valley of the Dolls” look. The ‘girl from the wrong side of the tracks’ vibe she shares in the soulful “Kill Kill,” best captures this.

Although, I’m not the biggest fan of her latest release “Born to Die,” which sounds as if some record executives are shaping her into something, rather than letting her creativity flourish organically. But I still wait patiently for her next release.

Lana Del Rey biting on a rose