From the tomb of
Your mysterious mind

Engraved my senses silence
I reach forth to puncture your

Ominous isolation~ To be the chosen
Invited into the home of your ever elusive

Reclusive heart~ I have come to banish all angst
That resides with gloom upon your damp cellar walls

Licking away the wounded irony~ The burden and cost of
Your given name~ Yes~ I am your auspicious Truth from the

Eighty- fifth page~ Sent to defy perceptions of reality and destiny
Blow away clouds that shroud~ For I am no virtual reality~ Not some

Figment to feed your denial~ Daily I bleed for you who acknowledges me not
To address me by name~ Generations continue~ Lifetimes pass~ Your will is set

Iron cast~ You who knows how to frighten my soul~ Yet never could scare me away
Doubt not within your own darkness~I Am She~That whispers only your sacred name