ArtPrize is a whale of an art show that will no doubt captivate the thousands upon thousands who will attend the event. The art contest, held in Grand Rapids Michigan, offers the world’s largest art prize as first place pays $250,000! The competition is wide open and the winner is chosen based on a totally open vote.

According to contest stipulations, each competitor has created a fundraising video. View them all on the popular indie community site Kickstarter.

There is a wide array of fascinating artists and art collectives involved in the competition. These include Laura Milkins, who’s going semi-cyborg as she attempts to walk 2000 miles across America, and acclaimed NYC painter James Keul who will be unveiling a 20-foot mural. Another project which has already received a healthy $12,000 pledge via Kickstarter, The giant mechanical sculpture dubbed “The Infernal Device“,  will no doubt prove to be a wonder.

However, our early pick for the top prize has to go to the Screwed Arts Collective. They’ve already had success with two massive art projects in St.Louis, and they’re promising something even more exceptional this time around. Check out their video:

ArtPrize will be taking place between September 21 and October 9, 2011.

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