“I’m inspired by the lighter side of life. Through trying times, I’ve found myself coping through art and through creating things that made me happier. Brighter subjects that brought me back to life. Now, through my work I hope to be able to do that for others. I want the viewer to feel the movement, energy, and life coming from the artwork. I want my art to force people to smile again. We all need a little sweetness. A pick-me-up when the world gets too heavy. We can’t be serious all the time. ”— Natasha Wescoat.

painting by Natasha Wescoat art

What is art?

Art, to me, is an expression of our emotions, a message or desire. For me, it’s simply the desire to see an idea created. It’s not only self-entertainment but a challenge. Much like a sport, I try to become better, faster, stronger and more fine tuned with each new piece I create. And I have a natural nature to try to one up everyone else. That’s actually the big factor. Topping the other artist. Generally speaking.

painting by Natasha Wescoat art

What are your dreams as an artist?

To have a lucrative brand name that transcends age, race and gender. I want to create things that can be seen around the world. I like making people respond to the art. My biggest reward.

painting by Natasha Wescoat art

What got you into art?

I never got into it. I’ve always done it. It’s like an illness I was born with.

painting by Natasha Wescoat art

What inspires you?

My interests in other culture, lifestyles and worlds. I am a geek, gamer and fantasy lover, so naturally the people and the worlds I create are more surreal and unrealistic.

Is art necessary?

Is breathing necessary?

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