Leila A. Fortier is a writer, artist, poet, and photographer currently residing on the remote island of Okinawa, Japan. Her rich interplay of mediums—macro photography, oils, acrylics, water colors, pastels, and digital techniques—are layered and arranged to offer the viewer a raw, emotional experience. Her works express restlessness and passion, manifested in formless creations; what she calls “Painting Emotion.”

Her work has been featured in tandem with her poetry, and published in numerous literary magazines, journals, and reviews (both in print and online). She has been selected to appear as the cover or featured artist of many virtual galleries and publications including Diverse Voices Quarterly, Cave Moon Press, Pink Panther Magazine, Moon Milk Review, and Phantom Kangaroo, to name a few.

A complete listing of all her works can be found at: www.leilafortier.com