When I first saw Doug Smock’s work it struck a chord with me for two reasons. One, because I absolutely love sharp, colorful imagery that leaves something to the imagination, and, two, because I am knee-deep in the AMC series  ‘Mad Men‘ and this modern or ‘retro’ style coincides perfectly with that era of which I am fascinated currently. Check out Doug’s art here, if it looks familiar, it’s because you read either Playboy or The Atlantic, as his work has been featured in those rags as well.

Another Sad Story

Another Sad Story - Art By Doug Smock


Autumn - Art By Doug Smock

“I do work in such a way that similar themes carry over multiple pieces, pretty much all of them. The images I build relate to direct life experiences. However, I like the fact that the works are interpretive. Everyone sees a different story. Not so much mine.” DS


Collision - Art By Doug Smock

Domestic Scene

Domestic Scene - Art By Doug Smock

“A piece needs to be alluring and that comes from color, composition, and image selection. I think once I get someone to look at a piece, that’s when they realize there is something else going on. Often times that something is something sinister.” DS


Grace - Art By Doug Smock

Jack Pours Milk For His Daughters Cat

Jack Pours Milk For His Daughters Cat - Art By Doug Smock

“I use a lot of windows. I like how the “outside world” interacts with what’s going on “inside” the rooms. The “windows” also let me do a drawing inside a drawing. (I call these things drawings – actually they are mixed media on 8 ply museum rag; almost all of them 30″ x 40″)” DS

Perhaps In Another Place

Perhaps In Another Place - Art By Doug Smock

Rope Broke, Used Gun

Rope Broke, Used Gum - Art By Doug Smock


Siesta - Art By Doug Smock

Crime Scene

Crime Scene - Art By Doug Smock

Check out Doug’s website.