“Tako to Tofu is about a journey through regional Japanese cuisine, starting with tako (octopus) in the Siberian cold of Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido and finishing with tofu in the tropical southern Islands of Okinawa. It was the response to a project set in the final year of my degree to create a book based on the subject of a journey. I spent a long time researching the subject before actually starting the illustrations. I wanted to make sure that the illustrations didn’t just convey the appearance of the food, but the nature of the food. For example tako-yaki (octopus balls) are a transient street food, so I drew the tray at a dynamic angle and cropped off the page. I love this little book; it’s the piece of illustration that I’m most proud of.” ~ GW
Tako to Tofu - by Grace J Ward
Osaka - by Grace J Ward
Kushiro - by Grace J Ward
Fukuoka - by Grace J Ward
Wakkanai - by Grace J Ward
Tokyo - by Grace J Ward
Shoyu Map - by Grace J Ward

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