Karo Akpokiere is a mover and shaker in the Nigerian art/illustration and print scene, and now he’s taking his vision worldwide. We at Zouch could not ignore his avante-garde sensibilities:

Romeo and Julietta on playing cards as king and queen

His ideas and character designs are unique. Check out this cute ninja:

ninja character comic toon from africa by karo

Shebi is the naive, universal warrior of peace. The creation of Shebi is inspired by a ‘letter E’ I drew, Ninjas and Cute starry-eyed characters. – K.A.

Things get really interesting when the work crosses over to the real world, depicting urban sights and sounds.

lagos transit art piece by karo featuring a bus and mention of a brewery

Karo has also made a load of contributions of  ‘daily drawings’ while networking and sharing ideas with artists from around the world via twitter. Below is an example of these, a remarkable mosaic of four owl-shaped figures. Check out more of these here, and look for them to pop up on the The Zouch Pamphlet from time to time.

art mosaic with owl like figures by Nigerian artist Karo

It’s unbelievable how prolific this cat is as an artist.
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