German artist Clemens Behr uses the simplest materials to create complex ephemeral architectures, which fill gallery spaces with origami-like structures. Working with recycled materials and basic geometric forms, Behr dreams up installations that result in subtle confusions between 2D painting and 3D objects.

Get, Set, Art Festival, Portugal

Get Set Art - By Clemens Behr

Seize Gallery Opening, Marseilles {video below}

Seize Opening, Marseille - By Clemens Behr

Beuth University, Berlin

Beuth University, Berlin - By Clemens Behr

Diagonal Mar, Barcelona

Diagonal Mar, Barcelona - By Clemens Behr
At their worst, they look like a creative kid ran amok with a bunch of moving boxes and a vat of paint. Behr belongs to a crop of artists, who take inspiration from childlike forms of expression, a naive, innocent aesthetic befitting a generation of Peter Pans…

Avalanche, Retail Store, Germany

Avalanche - Art by Clemens Behr

Rojo Artspace, Barcelona

Rojo Artspace, Barcelona - By Clemens Behr

Step09, Milano

Step09, Milano - By Clemens Behr

Seize Gallery Opening, Marsielle

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