This is the first of two parts of an art feature where Zouch looks at the art of a father and the art of his daughter. Two generations of great work!

Edward Green, mother German, father US American, was born in Berlin, Germany in December 1952. After spending his first 28 years in Darmstadt, Germany, he followed his Brazilian girlfriend to Rio de Janeiro in 1980. There he fell in love with Art Nouveau which inspired him to create. He started to work with wood and soon mastered his very unique version of wooden frames. He also drew, created ceramic figures and mirrors, took pictures and played the guitar. In 1982 his daughter  Bianca was born and a few years later he and his girlfriend decided to go back to Germany. There he continued his work and sold successfully throughout Germany at art markets until he died in 1998.


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Pt. 2 – Edward’s daughter, Bianca, on ZOUCH