I always hated Star Wars as a kid. I was the anti-space kind of youth who would much rather play ball-hockey out front of my mother’s house than lock myself in a dark room and watch Deep Space Nine re-runs. But then I had a visitor who would not allow me to flaunt my ball-hockey skills and this visitor banished me to my room where I would dream of growing my hair a la Repunzel and climb down my wretched tower to freedom – that visitor was Mononucleosis (his friends call him Mono for short).

Anyway, I had ample time to kill and after burning a hole in my mother’s pocket at the local blockbuster I was told to settle for my older brother’s collection of dusty VHS taped. He hated ball-hockey and he had, in pristine collector-condition, Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 and 6. I begrudgingly watched them, all three, back to back, and fell deeply, madly in love with a genre that I believe Star Wars falls into that is not Space-Nerd, that genre is: Fantasy.

That is my take on Star Wars but artist Greg Peltz‘s take is much, much cooler:

Darth Vader

Greg Peltz - Steampunk Darth Vader


Greg Peltz - Steampunk Chewbacca


Greg Peltz - Steampunk C-3PO

Boba Fett

Greg Peltz - Steampunk Boba Fett

Jabba The Hutt

Greg Peltz - Steampunk Jabba The Hutt

Siblings: Han Solo & Princess Leia

Greg Peltz - Steampunk Hans Solo & Princess Leia

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