In this sequel to I’m With the Band, we get a behind-the-scenes look into the life of the world’s most famous rock and roll groupie, Pamela Des Barres.

In 1987, a book came out that had people questioning the morals of the rock band groupie. What was once a world of sexual exploits, drugs and music unknown to the majority of the population was now written and revealed. Pamela Des Barres shocked readers with her memoir, I’m With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie and in 1992 shocked us again.

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart picks up where Band left off. Leaving behind the little girl from Reseda, California who dreamt of marrying a rock star, this story tells us about the woman whose dream becomes a reality as she struggles with married life, motherhood and personal success.

Now, the book has been reprinted to include a new afterword by Ms. Des Barres herself, updating us on the past 16 years and a new foreword by the man she fell in love with in Band, her ex-husband Michael Des Barres. When I’m With the Band came out, Pamela and Michael had been married for twelve and a half years and were on the verge of separating. They had a son, Nicholas, who they both adored and managed to remain a strong parental team and good friends in the years leading up to and following their divorce.

In Take Another Little Piece of My Heart, Michael Des Barres speaks affectionately about his ex-wife in the updated foreword. He recalls meeting Pamela for the first time, “I knew of course who she was – the GTO’s were legendary to any rock culture aficionado.” It was as if he loved her even before they spoke. “I was the groupie, not her.”

The memoir goes on to tell the not-so-fairytale story of Pamela and her knight in shining lamé, with hilarious and heartbreaking episodes about their wedding, the birth of their son, their battle with Michael’s drug abuse, career failures and successes and the realization of a doomed marriage. As Michael writes, “The book is a fierce and honest account of this time in our lives, written by a women whose skills are unparalleled and wisdom infinite.”

Dedicated to her mother, Margaret Ruth Hayes Miller, Pamela Des Barres begins the second installment of her life story with a message from Jack Kerouac in 1958. “Love your life out.”

This is exactly what Des Barres continues to do. “I hope that life will continue to thrill me until I cease to be.” She says she feels like she’s lived 15 lifetimes. “I lived my early years so hard and fast, I just figured by this time I would be ready to relax and take it easy. I am delighted to announce that this is not the case.”

Des Barres has always looked at life as a thrilling experience. This is the message she gets across in I’m With the Band and Take Another Little Piece of My Heart. “I truly believe every one of us has a story to tell. We all rage and weep, laugh and mourn, have a lot of sex or not enough, fall in and out of love. We work hard, struggle, beg, plead, and play, and it’s all very important.”

Well said, Miss Pamela.