The thought of using a plastic doll as a fashion muse may seem rather absurd to some, especially if we take into consideration some of the uninspiring ensembles donned by those figurines.

Plus, if we travel back in time and think of our mother’s dolls, modestly dressed in chiffon frocks, it would be easy to understand how one might be reluctant in using a doll’s style as a source of inspiration.

Thankfully, nowadays things are being done a little differently, and plastic figurines are actually wearing the greatest trends and keeping up with the latest styles.

Unlike the olden days, the dolls not only represent diversity in style, but also in ethnicity.

Many are unaware of the booming business behind doll designing. Jason Wu, a Taiwan-born designer who spent some of his childhood in Vancouver, Canada, is well known for some of his designs worn by First Lady Michelle Obama.

But what most people don’t know is that Wu’s career began by designing and sewing for dolls. Jason Wu also designs Barbie dresses, including those for collectible RuPaul and Amanda Lepore dolls.

And contrary to what you may think, the plastic business is not only reserved for the ladies, there are many fashionable “Kens” out there too.

With such beautiful “toys” one can slightly begin to understand Hollywood’s obsession with “self plasticizing”.

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