It’s just one of the books I have to read in order to write that


He was the greatest __________ in the place.

A stranger’s high, stupid laugh through the wall


the community lets itself die because it doesn’t see itself as a self

caught sight of a spot of ketchup resembling a ladybug


she was disappearing into the mirror

last gas for 99 miles


& when I get to the beginning God can create me

the Hinterland who’s who


this tunnel has soft walls

slalom to the coast


twenty-first century zombie blues prophet

I got the cure for pain:


sighing sex maneuvers

paranoid black hole control clash


memories are your clothes, a sweater you disappear into

Kurt Cobain is sad in my dreams.


Headline: cartoon mouse dies unmemorable death

this form is not subversive.


Tabula rasa televangel

these guys are so bloody English


I thought you said the pen double pane slide inserts