They came from every corner of the world
To be a western man
From every walk of life they hailed
To figure in to this new plan
A merging of two worlds
To bitter and wealthy ends
A western man did come to be
A hero and a friend

At first they came from Europe
To settle a new land
To mix and match with Indians
To delegate, rule and plan
A future of democracy
Innovation and adventure
In this age the West was to the world
Below, and still indentured

Later came the Modern Age
Of trains and planes and autos
America, a prodigal son
Had matured into its motto
To be the greatest land on earth
Through hard work and bravado
And a swath of culture from this place
Across the world did echo

The Eastern seaboard was now changed
Through years of industrialization
The midwest was its factory
Incessant with production
Throughout this new east
The dream had changed forever
Slanted towards industry
And away from adventure

But tucked away
Across the new world
In pockets of the south,
Crannies in the north,
And nooks to the west
There were some who did protest
Western men with hair on their chest
Adventurers, horsemen, mavericks & thinkers
The most free culture in the world
In these men still lingered

Has the west been lost now
Are we all the same?
Has our technology
Left our minds bright
But our spirits lame?
For what evils in the world
Can a true western man be blamed?
They came here for adventure
They came here to be changed