by Kristen Fisher

 Self titled debut Unknown Mortal Orchestra is one of the few word-of-mouth bands that exists today. From never having heard their music, to simply falling into a small free show filled to the brim with people, my expectations were met with fascination. “Ffunny Ffriends” opens the album to a question: “What is this kind of music?” How is Ruban Nielson’s (the lead singer) voice echoing in that particular tone? The steady beat made me wish for summer. With ease and no hesitation you begin to move towards the speakers to take in the instruments strumming in unison.

Once “Thought Ballune” plays, already the feeling that this is a classic album has landed in your mind. A quirky and unusual vibe comes off of some songs, but that ends up being the beauty of them. Then kicks in “Little Blu House” bringing home an old school bass and drum beat, which weave into one another as the vocals become hypnotic. Once “Boy Witch” fades in, the heavy layers of  nostaglia take you for a ride towards a deja vu riddled two mintues and twenty-five seconds. In their studio material is heard an era of psychrock that may be bubbling under the surface of our indie rock contenders. Drowning in effect pedals, you feel as if you could swim in the noise that comes from their amps. They create an atmosphere you never want to leave.

Ffunny Ffriends

Thought Ballune