i look at social media dave is here a faded mother has on grey and
dirty white sneakers blue jeans and a purple winter coat f demonstrates with chris how to play the net he has on an aqua sweat shirt with blue stripes the mother opens a book and reads she doesn’t take off the heavy purple winter coat dave wants t to use the porter potty. it is smeared with feaces and urine. t vollies with a seventeen year old t complains that there is no one in the advanced class who is good. the two teenage players she usually vollies with have left the class chris the coach is back f will be disappointed that he won’t be able to work with t a middle aged man in a green coat and a hat looks at the class i can’t tell if he is a father i think he may be a member who rents a court now and then the large screen t.v. is on the talking heads talk about scholarships for women some go straight to the pros others choose four years of college chris and f share a tennis ball basket on wheels and talk tennis and life a large bearded man with a fancy hat on is going to change in the broken down bathroom. i’m going to change he said that would be a good idea the man who took off his green coat and is dressed in his tennis wear   a few students in t’s fifth grade class have started wearing glasses, a girl broke her elbow when she had dinner with her teacher, another girl broke her foot when she was roller skating the rain is icy two men greet each other and the mother turns away from her book my white sneakers are black and wet i like soiling my white sneakers one of the male students in a blue shirt is as tall and wide as the third instructor. the third instructor has his young son in the class. his wife and second unruly son used to do homework while he taught the class. i’m glad that they aren’t here. the wife was unbearable. she dominated her son and threatened to punish him every five minutes. i try to look at my image in the window that faces the courts but i can’t make myself out, only my orange wool hat is apparent. the third instructor makes his way across the court with a machine that picks up tennis balls. yellow tennis balls cover the four courts i don’t turn my head to look at the mother squarely even though i want to dave has a client elizabeth hello do i detect an accent, dave said. we’re going to be in the bubble. excuse me the bubble outside. we’ll get a little wet. i’m happy to see dave i’m not angry about having talked to him about my divorce. i feel glad that i did i like to have things out in the open  f has three tennis balls in his left hand he talks to chris about something most likely not tennis related they are a team they compete for students chris is the more popular teacher he can only teach so many classes the center wants for every instructor to have the same amount of students
or time with students dave changed into a blue shirt his client is dressed in white tennis wear i haven’t seen the young female instructor for the past two weeks. the third instructor pulls a basket of tennis balls to the bubble, the bubble is a tent like thing that has three courts in it. it is a new addition to the center.okay elizabeth, dave said. we’re set i’m sorry to keep you waiting you go up the stairs and through the revolving door