s’s back and head ache. he takes three advil. he takes a white round pill. he thinks he took the pill earlier to help him sleep.
s has the same quiche he had yesterday. it has onions and  egg in it he likes.
s meets with his friend. she is happy at the moment. she sees her lover everyday. she is going to ny with him for a few days. they have already travelled to other locales. he’s happy for her but he misses the desperate woman she was when she wasn’t with her lover. he has to be a good friend and support her. a good friend mirrors his friend’s happiness and he doesn’t get in the way of it. he had to text her for two days to get her to meet him.
it was good of you to call, she said.
s hates his neighbors for not talking next door. when they talk it sounds like laughter. he doesn’t have a feeling for what they are like. they keep a schedule. when they walk it sounds like they are in his room.
v has rotund breasts. they take the lead.
v goes to her apartment on 24th avenue in the late afternoon after work. she marvels that it still is raining. she has a pocket sized umbrella. she doesn’t understand why so few folks use umbrellas in portland.
v makes minestrone soup. she is moody. she doesn’t have time for herself. there isn’t anyone around to take care of her. she is thinking about taking on another job. she already works at a bakery. she is overweight. she has a weakness for pie.  she has long fingers. she rubs her clitoris with four fingers when she thinks about the self important asshole that she serves every day. she thinks about his small middle aged head, his dick grows in her mouth and discharges. she overheard him talking about giving money to one of the workers for a bonus.
v went through a phase when she fucked men in public.
she met s on line. she doesn’t see his face. she masturbates to a feeling when she thinks about him. he looks like a new age hobo. he has a thick nose.
s is divorced. he lives off the money that his wife gave him in the divorce. the wife is a banker. she owns a number of restaurants. she gave him the money so he would disappear. she wanted to be the one to raise the daughter. he only gets to see her once a year.
v can’t believe that s agreed to the terms of the divorce. she can’t believe that she likes a violent man.
s stabbed an old man he said was looking at his 14 year old daughter. she thought maybe he had been the one who distorted the situation. he had been mind raped by a rationalist when he was eighteen.
s said that one day he would go live in hawaii. he loved that the sky there looked like an inverted island.