V was a crushed pill. She noted the squatting woman.
The young man in a plaid and yellow jacket crowded v. His beard was homogenous and rainproof.  I seated myself next to him. He moved two chairs down.
Danzig, the young man said. All day. All day.
I did crack cocaine when I went to college in Memphis, said V.
I went to public school, I said.
When V smoked heroin she was numb for three hours. She would forget everything. Sometimes she reconnected with a dreamy old storyline but mostly she felt so good that she struggled to stay awake to experience the goodness.
V painted her room elephant grey.
V gave me nothing to think about. She made me happy.
V travelled to salt lake city where she met k at the terminal and
from there took a taxi to the downtown hotel where they met three buyers.
she wanted to know why k was allowed to make the more important decisions on the many accounts that he had been given when he had neglected the project they were working on.
The head office asked V to count her steps. Human resources said there would be a a large project for them if they counted a hundred thousand steps, this included the factory workers’ steps who work on their feet all day

P had Lebanese blue eyes and an handsome nose.
When a dude cums in my asshole I fart cum, P said.
P pushed and wiggled the 8 inch dildo in my asshole. It felt like I was going to shit. I worried about it.

What’s it like at your dad’s place, I said.
His wife was upset that we had too much stuff, P said. At least the meals are good
P had to move into her father’s ranch house in Salem when her gay lover began stealing small items from Fred Meyers and Whole Food.
P hadn’t seen the cunning and deluded side of her lover’s personality and it unnerved her.
P worked with special needs children and cleaned large homes in the NW hills and used to work for a bank. She would never have associated herself with someone who thought they had a right to take things that didn’t belong to her.

I thought P was brave and naive to have moved her two children and herself in with a lesbian.

P cleaned a mother’s home. The mother left with her young daughter, usually she stayed to tell P what to do. P used to cook for the mother but she had been short of money. P cleaned from top to bottom and from the back of the house to the front.
I thought I should hire P to cook and clean for me once or every other week. I hadn’t had a home cooked meal for months.