Sue was self effacing. she was terrified of losing her cognition.
I think zinc prevents Alzheimers, said T.
Holistic combinations, said Sue. They want to sell each one separate.
It’s a complicated thing, said Sue. Formula x and z. I don’t ever
buy a multiple vitamin. It is hard to get an individual b vitamin. Well but between Fukujima and the Swedish jelly fish.
none of us have a chance, said T.
My ankles hurt. I have been doing martial art exercises. I made a mental note to massage them.
T was taking notes.
Sue sniffed. She sounded like a bloated man.
T talked to himself and sips coffee. He had on rain boots. He blew his nose.
He clicked his pen and opened his smaller note book to revise the notes he took
when Sue was talking vitamins.
Sue, the paper and the notebook are the facets t talked to.
That road may not be so big, said T. They could have used a lense.
All these things are possible, said Sue.
The lady who lives underneath me, said T. I hadn’t seen her. She expired. She was 88.
My friend expired as well, said Sue. I never saw her.
They turn off the sirens not to scare us, said T.
They know we are in a dying place, said Sue.
It would be hard not to notice, said t.
The two survivors ponder death and crossword puzzle answers.
Steal is the answer for pennies as we suspected, said Sue.
T helped her twice with the crossword. She asked him the question and he
provided the answer. T felt hopeful, maybe his brain did work as it should in a timely
fashion not with its blanks.
Here is one I should have gotten, said Sue.
There you have it, said T.

KBE equals knight of the British Empire, said T. It’s almost like the KGB.
T rattled his newspaper and muttered.
SUe doggedly pursued her crossword a pastime and discipline that was passed on to her by her stepmother who had been intelligent and compassionate unlike her mother.
All these tea party guys think like lawyers, said T.
They have no women, said s. They are all white and male. No offense to you.
None taken, said T. We have been in the minority for a long time.
I know Einstein had two wives, said Sue.
He had Asbergers, said T. They could have been fed up tying his shoes for him. Simple things.
The two of them threw some good shit out there, said Sue.
I wanted to see T lose his shit. T was one to yell obscenities and threats. I thought about talking about Portland’s
high suicide rate to stimulate his fatalism. I didn’t want to meddle with my two conversationalists.
My liver is not working right, said T. If it’s coming out of your skin than something is off.

If you take a single b vitamin you have to know what you are doing, said Sue. It can help childhood acne.
Overhearing Sue and T is the closest I came to being a machine. I dreamt of a machine that can see itself from every side. I would have liked to be that machine. I was only able to deal with one thought at a time. My machine was able to have millions of thoughts simultaneously.
The one time I went there I got a taco, said T. 3 for five.
It was 2 for a dollar, said Sue.
It was cheap and good, said T.
yeah real good, said Sue.
It’s a thing established by t.v., said T. Like owning your car. Repeatitive advertising. It was a debate they put out to suck people into the system and it remains.
At the steakhouse they charge 40 dollars, said Sue.
And that is without the lobster tail, said T.
I wonder if I will ever have another lobster before I die, said Sue.
I used to have a lobster dinner on 42 second street as a child. I loved lobster cause I loved melted butter.
I was conscious that I inserted my words here and there to make sense
of what Sue and T said. I also did it for aesthetic reasons preferring one word to another. I was curios about the nature of information. I was curious about the nature of violence and healing. I would never tell them what I had recorded. It gave me pleasure not to think and to record, but not great pleasure. he wanted to startle my brain.
If I was publishing this paper I would highlight this picture, said T. It is tiny. You can’t see it. I would make it bigger. It’s a piece of art.
It’s a nice composition, said s.
This newspaper is stupid, said T. It is sabotage. The art section. See look at the other picture. There is nothing artistic. Look at how much blank space. They haven’t captured the artistic merit.
T was working himself up to an explosion.
She has big hair, said T. They could have cropped it here.
She certainly does have big hair, said Sue.
They could have made it visible, said T. It has become sloppy. That tells me that it is full of right wing saboteur spies. It could be the spies. Guess who they are working for. They are working for a billionaire. First using his spies. It will lower the circulation. They give a hostile take over bid. That’s the problem when too many people have too much money.
T vociferously screamed at Sue. I pretended that nothing untoward had happened. Sue made a get away. T thrashed his body.
I followed T to his domicile at the salvation army.
I rimmed T’s briny asshole.
I read my travel guidebook. I admired the perfection of my white canvas Van sneaker.