February 29, 2012

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Screenshot of Simpsons A Fish Called Selma episode with Troy McClure in the Planet of the Apes musical

{FICTION} Pass the Cheese Puffs

Pat and his friend Eric sit in front of the TV, watching one of the syndicated reruns that airs nightly. “Ah, I remember this episode,” says Pat. “Title: ‘A

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Art Shots: Jerod Gibson's 37 Posters

Art Shots: Jerod Gibson’s 37 Posters

Artist and Creative Director Jerod Gibson's series called "37 Posters" contains a simple silhouette image from a movie or television show, and is filled with quotes. NICE

Art, Art Shouts

Art Shots: David Schwen on Culture

Artist and Designer David Schwen offers up his take on some current cultural and societal matters.

Art, Art Shouts

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