January 11, 2012

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Photo of ex-alpha male chimp with other chips waiting for food on a river bank

{FICTION} The Assembly of Equals

Mr. Simon Newsom News Editor Hypothesis Magazine 1867 E. Rogella Rd. Ottawa,ON K1A 0A9 Canada Dear Mr. Newsom: I am writing to protest the article written about

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Art Shots: Pat Perry is Young At Heart

Art Shots: Pat Perry is Young At Heart

Artist and Illustrator Pat Perry shows that he is, indeed, young at heart with his images of youth, rebellion, distraction and disturbance.

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Cynical Guerrilla: The Rise of Anonymous

"They wore all black, and had Guy Fawkes masks on their faces. They were orderly, quiet, contained. I've seen my share of protests, and this one was different."

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