Mister Heavenly is a super-trio made up of Nick Thorburn, Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse, and Ryan Kattner.
This hilarious, albeit strange, video for their single, “Bronx Sniper”

Their debut album “Out of Love” is awesome; it embodies a genre they call “doom wop” – it’s not quite doo-wop, not quite pop, not quite rock, not quite punk, but somewhere in between. Their music, like their band, is a mixture and that’s why it’s so great

They sound good live (They’re currently on tour! Check out the dates here)

They ended their Toronto show with an acoustic serenade from the balcony of The Great Hall and a song they had written earlier that day.

They have a Tumblr where they post fun photos of them on tour *warning: you may get addicted*

They have songs with splendid titles like “Pineapple Girl,” “Diddy Eyes,” “I Am a Hologram,” and “Reggae Pie”

They are described as “a trio of men who love dogs” on their record label, Sub Pop Records’, website.

Their concerts are great places to people watch. For example, at their Toronto show there was a man who looked like he walked right out of the 1970’s and, as it turns out, is actually in a band called The Elwins. Also as well as a tall, lanky guy with long hair, a long beard, and plaid bell-bottom pants. Shout outs to those dudes

If nothing else seems to warm your heart, the fact that these guys are clearly passionate about making good music and having fun while they do it surely will

Listen on and love on!