Saturated would be an inane word when referencing the plethora of rappers, actors, models and singers who have joined the CTD clan (celebrity turned designer). Like any new concept sure to generate buzz in the entertainment industry, the idea was initially fresh and somewhat exciting when introduced by the likes of Gwen Stefani in 2004, No Doubt’s ex front woman with her clothing label (L.A.M.B.) .

However, when fellow celebs followed suit, the CTD hype wasn’t as exciting. Especially when John Malkovich (yes, that John Malkovich) introduced his label Uncle Kimono. The eccentric actor’s clothing line is said to be inspired by his lifestyle (according to the company’s site).

But when is too much … Well… Too much? And how do “real” designers feel about this craze?

Vera Wang photography portrait in black and white

Vera Wang, known globally for her trademark wedding gowns has voiced her opinion more than once on the CTD movement, saying: “We’re working really hard to keep our heads above water, and does the public differentiate, or care? Those are big questions.”

Those are indeed big questions. However the bigger questions are how many of these CTD’s actually have a background in fashion design? Not many if any at all. Chances are that most are passing on the work of uncelebrated surrogate designers as their own.

sean puff daddy combs with toothpick and sunglasses on

On the other hand, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs who emerge with affordable lines (mostly sold in department stores) are to be applauded for allowing the general public to own a piece of “luxury”. But why is it, that these personalities rarely wear their own lines? Let’s take Sarah Jessica Parker for instance. The “Sex and the City” actress known for her great sense of style launched her label “Bitten” in 2007. Her style slogan “Fashion is not a luxury; it’s a right” and that slogan is entirely true. However, a week after the launch, SJP appeared at a movie premiere wearing a Giambattista Valli dress and Jimmy Choo sandals.

Why is it that they are hardly ever seen in their own clothes?

Are these celebrity made labels good enough to generate consumerism from the commoners, but not good enough for the stars to wear?

Not to place all of them in the same boat, undoubtedly there are a few that have been photographed in their own lines, but few and far between they are.

All this to say that all things are ephemeral and this infatuation with CTD will eventually come to an end.

NOTE: This just in, Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy has announced that she plans on launching a plus size clothing line in the near future.

God help us all!