The Way of the Atlas (Obscura)

The Way of the Atlas (Obscura)

Atlas Obscura is a place for the imaginative, for the inquisitive, for the open-minded.

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{Digital Culture} Postcardly Yours

{Digital Culture} Postcardly Yours

There are 3,700 post offices in America that don’t do enough business (that is, make a yearly revenue of at least, $27,500) to remain open. Enter Postcardly.

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{VIDEO} Art Shots: Alex Roman's CG World

{Video} Art Shots: Alex Roman’s CG World

A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal. Directed by Alex Roman.

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Decoding Business Into Art

QR codes and old-school barcodes are being subverted and made into pieces of commercial art.

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Psychologically Corrosive Elements in Mass Media

Progenitors to the 21st Century Child® connections impersonal as the touch of flesh and the simmer of Self-Love

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Fame Is But A Statistical Feat

The nature of fame has changed; no longer are celebrities recognized because they are talented, they are famous, amazingly, just for being famous.

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INCEPTION: In 60 Seconds (a short film)

Shot frame-by-frame, this version of "Inception" stars vintage paper cut-outs and somehow makes the original seem more and less confusing at the same time.

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abstract iphone image - appstract art

The iPhone Abstraction of Reservoir Dan

The images contained in this post are the realization of a simple yet ingenious vision to create 50 vibrant digital canvasses of abstract art, using an iphone.

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Civilization 5 offends my Hungarian sensibilities

I understand Americans learn very little of Eastern Europe, so I don’t hold it against Civilization 5 for making Budapest a city-state instead of an actual civilization.

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Do Good Bands Still Need To Worry About Selling Out?

'Selling out' is an age old concern for any self-respecting indie band. But in the age of the internet, with all of the innovations in content distribution and communication in general, is selling out even possible anymore?

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