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I Can’t Get Werner Herzog Out of My Head

I feel guilty leaving a biennial, triennial, or any other group exhibition with only one artist on my mind. These events are supposed to expose the viewer to a variety of creators, styles, and media—not incite a sick obsession with a specific work. After attending the 2012 Whitney Biennial, I’m still thinking about Werner Herzog’s video installation and wondering if my transfixion is bordering on the obsessive.

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Doug Hunter and the Attachment to Nature

Rowan & Sif places new works alongside the collectibles of celebrated print-maker and sculptor, Doug Hunter. Hunter not only was an honourary member of ‘Team Saskatchewan’, participating in snow sculpture competitions (and winning), but he also created the ‘Oskana’ sculpture, which still rests in Wascana Park.

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Three Fairs in Two Days: Making Sense of Armory Arts Week

Is there such a thing as an art hangover? After exploring over 300,000 square feet of paintings, video art, installations, sculptures and performance, I think I might have one.

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Documenting The Weather & The Woods

Documenting The Weather & The Woods

New works by Andrzej Maciejewski and Michael Farnan

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Looking Back at Cindy Sherman

All hail the retrospective! It seems as though New York City has been home to more blockbuster retrospectives within the past year than ever. This summer, the work of the American Abstract Expressionist Willem de Kooning filled the entire sixth floor of the Museum of Modern Art in a grandiose, spectacular examination of the artist’s seventy-year career.

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Award-winning European dancer joins Ballet Victoria

Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concertos conjure thoughts of stately baroque music in 18th century European courts. Imagine a fusion of Vivaldi’s violin masterpiece with...

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Performance Art, Cultural Activism and Politics: Québec to Belfast

Québec City has a vibrant history of performance art and live arts that extends back to the early work of collectives run by artists.

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Art News: Exploring ARTAK5 and CIRCUM

Art News: Exploring ARTAK5 and CIRCUM

Two conceptual artists have released their exciting styles of art, seeding the walls of gallerywest with bountiful life mementos.

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Richard Crouse interviewing john Landis at the Victoria film festival

VFF Brings The Party, The Movies And The Pink Carpet (Yes, Pink!) To Victoria

The Victoria Film Festival, which takes place Feb 3-12 at various venues in downtown Victoria, is a multi-screen, multicultural, and multifaceted event.

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Chalices of Science Consume Artists for Conversion

...What I am speaking of is the battle currently being forged in Halifax, Nova Scotia, between an institution of historic legacy, and Governmental budgetary.

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