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Will Johnson is a writer and journalist from Vancouver, BC. His work was appeared in the Fiddlehead, Prairie Fire, Little Fiction, The Whitehorse Star, This Side of West and other publications.

Finding ‘contemporary resonance’ in World War I

“There’s no point writing about the past unless there’s some sort of contemporary resonance.” These may seem like strange words coming from Irish novelist John Boyne, who has almost exclusively written about the past and achieved worldwide renown for his book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which was set during the Holocaust. But during a stop in Vancouver to promote his World War I novel The Absolutist, he told Zouch that he’s always looking for parallels between the past and the present.

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Navigating the Murky Morality of TV Spoilers

I’ll admit it: I’m a Spoiler. It’s a symptom of being such an avid television fan, but that’s no excuse. Repeatedly I find myself excitedly recounting scenes and detailing plot points from my favorite movies and shows, only to be met with rage and bitterness.

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I Broke Up With Facebook

I deactivated Facebook recently. I won’t spend much time proselytizing about it, because people seem to get pretty touchy and self-righteous about this topic. Let’s just say I was sick of it, and I felt ready for a change.

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Why I love the Zombie Apocalypse

I had a dream the other night about the Zombie Apocalypse. Quite often, I don’t remember my dreams. I’ll wake up with the fragile remnants of the dream still lingering at the edge of my consciousness, but the more I try to hold on to them, the quicker they slip away.

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10 Canadian Books to Look Forward to in 2012

2012 is stacking up to be a solid year for Can-Lit. Below, The Ubyssey has compiled a list of ten of the most promising books slated for release in the next 12 months.

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comic by artist Glen O'Neill

Embracing my Apatheism

I used to believe in God. Every day, as I went through the motions of high school, I would send up quick prayers to Jesus. I pictured the Almighty as this warm, mystical wind that was carrying me through life.

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Top 10 Movies of 2011

So, this was a terrible year for movies. According to Wikipedia, this year saw a record-breaking number of sequels and remakes. BUT...

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