Volodymyr Bilyk volodymyrbilyk

Volodymyr Bilyk is a writer, translator from Ukraine. His books include: visual poems in the series This is Visual Poetry (2013), book of asemic short stories CIMESA published in White Sky Books (2013), book of poetry Casio's Pay-Off Peyote published by Red Ceilings Press (2013), visual poetry collection SCOBES published by No Press(2013), visual poetry collection THINGS published by Unconventional Press(2014), Laugh Poems published by Underground books(2014), Vispo Ay Ai Ay published by Blank Space Press(2014) and "To When Tea Ties Hence to Wank It Too" / "Eminent Means of Basil Dado Hem-Welt" in The Chapbook 5(2015). His works were exhibited on Bright Stupid Confetti Asemic Show, Yoko Ono Fan Club, Venti Leggeri in Bologna, EL MARTELL SENSE MESTRE in Barcelona, The Future is Here Again: VISUAL LANGUAGE in New York, 1st International Literary Fair of Mato Grosso (2015) and on World Association of Visual and Experimental Artists in Valjevo.

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