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Garth von Buchholz is an author of dark poetry, short fiction, non-fiction and plays who has also covered arts, culture and design since the '90s. He is the founder/producer of Poe International, the international Edgar Allan Poe society. Visit his blog at or contact him by email/Messenger: [email protected]

Award-winning European dancer joins Ballet Victoria

Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concertos conjure thoughts of stately baroque music in 18th century European courts. Imagine a fusion of Vivaldi’s violin masterpiece with...

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Richard Crouse interviewing john Landis at the Victoria film festival

VFF Brings The Party, The Movies And The Pink Carpet (Yes, Pink!) To Victoria

The Victoria Film Festival, which takes place Feb 3-12 at various venues in downtown Victoria, is a multi-screen, multicultural, and multifaceted event.

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The Cycle of Cool

How fads, trends, styles and fashions go from trendy to tasteless...and back again

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Behind the Scenes on The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart is a reimagining of Poe's suspenseful short story of the same name, with a touch of romance and fantasy, set in modern day New Orleans.

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Cinderella ballter promotional poster

Cinderella and the Fairy Tale Ballet

Sorry, Disney…this ballet owns.

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Who needs Black Swan? Meet badass Carmen and the White Swan

On Twitter, a review of Ballet Victoria’s season finale in less than 140 characters might read like this: Badass Carmen ballet caps a thrilling evening of white swans (cont'd)

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If Vampires Could Dance…

Twilight Tango: Requiem for a Vampire by The Victoria Ballet


Men Without Hats

Why must men be without stylish hats even though women can wear them?

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