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January 19, 2012

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A Taste of Portland’s Psych-Rock the Boy Witches of Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Once "Thought Ballune" plays, already the feeling that this is a classic album has landed in your mind. A quirky and unusual vibe comes off of some songs, but that ends up being the beauty of them.

Music, Reviews
A New Boulevard: 'American Idiot The Musical'

A New Boulevard: ‘American Idiot The Musical’

Yes it’s a tribute. Yes it’s a musical. Yes it’s a whole lot of Green Day.

Music, Reviews
{Music} The 10 Acts You Already Know, Right?

{Music} The 10 Acts You Already Know, Right?

2011 has shared an abundance of musical troupes. We’ve seen the continual rise of the DJ, followed the battle between folk rock and rock and watched as collaborations have seemingly formed new club drops. Here are some choice picks for 2011’s best breakouts and albums.

Music, Reviews

Six Songs For Driving Too Fast With The Windows Down…

...and sunglasses on while smoking a cigarette on a sunny summer day.

Culture, Essays, Music
MUSIC: 10 Reasons You’ll Love Mister Heavenly

MUSIC: 10 Reasons You’ll Love Mister Heavenly

Mister Heavenly is a super-trio made up of Nick Thorburn, Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse, and Ryan Kattner.

Music, Reviews

The Digital Divide and The Great Big Whatever

Too young, too young. Such a loss. Live fast, die in a Florida retirement home during the afternoon encore of Wheel of Fortune. Sex, Drugs and Rockefeller.

Commentary, Culture, Digital
{Music} Welcome to Planet PremRock

{Music} Welcome to Planet PremRock

I first met Markus Debuque at a hostel in Greece, where we bonded over a love of music. After chatting for a bit, he told me he was actually a musician – a rapper, to be exact. I was skeptical.

The Harmonious Happenings of The Reckoners

The Harmonious Happenings of The Reckoners

It’s pretty safe to say that your first album is a success when the worst review you get states that your CD would be good to bring home to a girlfriend.

Interviews, Musicians
LA vs WAR art and cultural event in memory of 9/11, 2001

Art News: L.A. Vs. WAR at The Vortex

LA Vs War II is a project that will live on past the September 2011 Los Angeles event under the name Vs. WAR.

Art, Art News, Culture

Indie Book Highlights of the Month: August

August tends to be a slow month news-wise, but not in the world of indie books (or—it appears—Mother Nature).

Books, Literature, Memoir, Reviews

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