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Kristen Kristen

Kristen has led lives in Kansas City, Vancouver, WA and Portland. She hopes to eventually move on to New York, Paris and London. For now, she's a student photographer in the middle of nowhere who's putting together a band and hoping to create the next C.B.G.B's. Her interests include the newest and best bands, and punk DYI culture.


{Review} Drowners: Tearing up a PDX stage with a handful of songs

Kristen Fisher reviews The Drowners' live show in Portland, Oregon

Music, Reviews
Photo by Greta Tu

Artist Interview: Greta Tu

Zouch interviews Greta Tu, one of the youngest photographers in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Artists, Interviews

Meet The Witty American Writer Michael Frissore

Author and humorist Michael Frissore talks to Kitty Fisher about his writing, his process, and Woody Allen.

Interviews, Writers
The Orphan Factory EP Review

Orphan Factory’s “The Waning Light of Fall”

In the state of Idaho, in the panhandle, an abandoned farm church has become the howling ground for Orphan Factory. Born in the shadowed rural area, he came across this haunted yet soul-captivating place.

Music, Reviews
Not A Planet, At The Neptune

Not A Planet, At The Neptune

After getting there before everyone else, I took in the small stage that would erupt later that night. The blue light above the amplifiers would cascade over a riveting classic rock n’ roll show.

Interviews, Musicians
The Mutiny

Sunday Driver: The Music of a Steampunk Storybook Utopia

Sunday Drivers is a band from the UK that consists of Chandy Nath (lead vocals), James Clayton (guitar and sitar), Richard Bullen (bass, backing vocals), Katharine Luisa (harp, clarinet, bass clarinet, spoons and backing vocals), Simon Richardson (guitar, backing vocals), Scott Jowett (drums/percussion) and Amit Joggia (tabla).

Music, Reviews
Documenting S.C.U.M Moments, An Interview With Bradley Baker

Documenting S.C.U.M Moments, An Interview With Bradley Baker

Bradley Baker is new to the photography world but, with that said, he has captured a surrealism that invokes your imagination. Whether he is on tour around Europe or witnessing something majestic, he has his camera on the ready.

Art, Art Shouts, Interviews, Musicians
Tune In and FREAK Out: Have You Heard Jack Conte?

Tune In and Freak Out: Who The F*CK is Jack Conte?

Jack Conte constructs some of the most impressive D.I.Y. multi-instrumental mania humankind has ever known.

Music, Reviews

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