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{Poetry} Snapping a Tooth

Makes you feel so utterly wretched you could lunge in desperation for the Prosthetist’s Rinsing Tonic, a bottle of Johnnie Walker red label

Literature, Poetry

{Fiction} Temporarily Switzerland

In 1990 I stood naked in front of the full-length mirror in my parents’ room and tried to see beyond the physical representation of myself. I remember it was a World Cup year because my father put his foot through the television screen when the Cameroon defender Emmanuel Kunde equalised against England.

Fiction, Literature

{Poetry} Aqua

Shades of blue bring peculiar laughter. Study them cockeyed, then turn away.

Literature, Poetry

You Never Forget Your First Time

A Home Selling Humor Saga. The roofer shows up at our house two hours after we’re scheduled to meet. I get to the front door first and open it up. Looking down the stairs, I see a bearded man sniffing at his shirt collar.

Commentary, Culture, Essays, Literature

{Poetry} Deli Special

A man died in a fiery car crash on the 105 Freeway. You hear the news, but you’re still hungry. It’s lunchtime. Anyway, it’s not like he was disemboweled, you think. He burst into flames.

Literature, Poetry
Artwork "Self-Educated Youth" by Meghan Clarkston

{Poetry} Clumsy

an autobiographical poem about youth

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} Hazy Days

Every summer the wildfires come and go. The burn from the fires wafts south into the desert metropolis. The effects of the smoke make me feel more fatigued each day.

Literature, Poetry

Pretty White Girl Teams Up with Handsome Rabbit

Jo Latham has a crush on contemporary performance artist Hannah Raisin.

Art, Art Shouts

{Poetry} Saturday Snapshot

An Asian guy / is entertaining three / black ladies at the table

Literature, Poetry

{Fiction} The Cistern Miser

Dad sits across from me, swallowing water between each mouthful of food. He sets the glass and fork down, and his lips begin to move as if he is attempting speech, but he doesn’t make a sound.

Fiction, Literature

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