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The Master List of Selfie Techniques

Zouch's master list of selfie techniques.

Master Lists

The Master List of BBQ Styles

Zouch's master list of BBQ styles from around the world.

Master Lists

Jugend Magazine cover, (woman reading Jugend), 1896, Unknown Artist

The Zouch Pamphlet
classic car

{Poetry} Bonnie Parker on Poetry

Some fine poems once, in high school, Daddy laid brick, Mama was a mama, I was a waitress for awhile, To men and jail took real sick

Literature, Poetry
bread and butter

{Poetry} Split Pea Soup

A cat fight between a Rumanian bleached blonde and a Bulgarian brunette breaks out over the use of the copy machine

Literature, Poetry

Sex, Guns and Semiotics

All biographies, all memoirs, all these kinds of books we slap with the label non-fiction and parade around as truth are mostly lies and more lies and all sorts of lies. They're built mostly on recollections and memories and things spun out from friends and relatives, with a few hard facts like pictures and court documents to back things up and make them spine straight and truthful.

Books, Reviews

Masterpiece Anon

an original poem by Ryan Pratt

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} Leaving Wonderland

This lovely bonescape is no place for children, our grins too big, screwed to the skyline as if looking for escape.

Literature, Poetry

{Fiction} The One I Lost

You tell me that you almost forgot me, but it’s only been three months since I went away. Back from university, the first thing I do is call you after sitting through a long talk with my parents.

Fiction, Literature

Review of ‘Growing Up Dead in Texas’

Without memory, we are nothing. In fact, you're only reading this review because your memory did its job as an intrinsic element of your cognitive processes as a child and you learned how to read.

Books, Reviews

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