art by mark wagner

{Poetry} Satellites of loathe

{Poetry} by Jason Christie

Literature, Poetry
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The Master List of Bill Murray

Zouch Magazine presents the Master List of Bill Murray, chronicling the actor's greatest movie roles, cultural iconography and the art he has inspired.

Master Lists

“On the Radar”

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{Poetry} that is not how / it’s supposed to work + 1 poem

{Poetry} by Jeremy Stewart

Literature, Poetry
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Zouch readers, hello! We are making playlists for our friends, for our insomnia, for our lovers, for ourselves, and for you. We are on 8 Tracks. Come and join us!


{Poetry} Wait, What?

{Poetry} by Howie Good

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} Critical Superiority + 2 poems

{Poetry} by John Ebersole

Literature, Poetry
art by ben austin murooned

{Poetry} untitled

{Poetry} by Ben Austin

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} As They Don’t Know What’s To Happen Next

{Poetry} by Denise Knudson

Literature, Poetry

{Poetry} Dinner Party

{Poetry} by Ashley-Elizabeth Best

Literature, Poetry

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