Your nipples are a God send, I said.
Do you think I’m a feminist, she said.
I don’t really know what feminist are, I said.

She said her piece:I just told her she’s making me feel like shit like everyone else does and I can feel that she’s disappointed in me and it hurts
it’s like they instruct you in a way that hurts you they instruct you like a thing
or an animal it undermines your decency they say they are decent and at the same
time they instruct you like a child
your sense of independence is compromised you want to get away from them not
to hurt them but you need them you think they have made you think that you
need them you think that you don’t need them even though they made you healthy when
you were sick you still are a human being with a destiny you think they like
to play god they even use the idea that you think they are god to motivate you
they use your paranoia to get you to be responsive the last thing they want is you in the
hospital in a catatonic state they take your money and they deserve it

there is nothing more insidious than
help and someone who says there is nothing wrong with it
one day there will be a change you tell yourself one day you will be the one living your life on your terms

“the priest.. gasoline and burning flesh in the air.. they thought they saw the face of buddha”