The deer comes close to show you

how gentle life can be.

Facing the sea and translating my view of this tea,

sipping it slowly,feeling the music sing to me.

When the beat comes on the genius breeze caresses me,

and in my ear it chants softly:

You are me and I am you,

love and breathe this is true,

no matter what I´m here with you.

Other planets are singing too.

Sending the message,nothing new.

Foretelling the story of I LOVE YOU.

Blue presents arrive in forms of water,

sinking the splendid spell.

Monotone activation?it´s all just animation!

Peculiar news of ancestral views?

Paternity,fraternity…no need for calamity.

In this particular verse I would like to:

Shine your sun,spread your moonlight all over the stars

and create together a soul of pledge to the oldest of creation!

From the North to the South I cultivate love.

Ancestral powers guiding me in this miraculous journey,

drum beats awaken the tribe in my veins,

that throb of the souls showing us the ropes.

The human rhythm of natures powers.