artwork above entitled “Life Between The Racing Stripes”

Sometimes we stare right past the meaning of art. Most often we dedicate far too much time or thought into deconstructing the cryptic truth behind the visual confusion. Which is why it’s always a delight when artists will share their secrets through this little known mash of several hundred words called an Artists Statement. They make or break appreciation at times…

Artist Laquan Vincent recently submitted pieces from his current collection Phosphene; Seeing Stars, which had my eyes staring at the flat meaning of the work. All I could see was Speed Racer, the amazing boy wonder who rocketed through the landscapes of international glory with the help of a pit crew of modge-podged misfits, including a monkey! A MONKEY!

American Pledge

American Pledge

Thankfully Laquan included a brief overview of his art work, helping to remove my blinders from Speed Racer screaming fan, to appreciative viewer.

 “PHOSPHENE: Seeing Stars”, is a collection of abstract expression, comic- book pop art work, that focuses on a approach to move internal feelings and mental moods. Using vibrant colours, textures and dramatic concepts to deliver the message of “Dreaming In Reality”, it’s a reflection of his life endeavours.”

Always read the fine print next to the works of art you may or may not too often wander past in galleries. Artists put those things up for a reason, just so you know.

Bonnie' N' Clyde The Get Away

Bonnie’ N’ Clyde The Get Away