On Creativity (at 3:15 am)

The problem
is logic
the idea that the dishes
of our mind
must sparkle
be laid out
elegant as swans

I would rather be a dog
barking at my reflection
I see balls
I chase them
wag at inopportune moments
and live ever expecting

A measured imagination
cannot sing
is too shy to yodel
in the pancake house
lest the patrons disapprove
stiffen newspaper spines
create a space
safe from poets,
calmed by the pleasant geometry
of plate, spoon, fork, mug
– another refill please –
two packets of saccharine, two creams.



And I think
if I died tomorrow
how long until you laugh again
smiling in the kitchen
some funny thing
about the celery
and that show on Netflix
and anyway
life goes on
with best before dates
Christmas shopping
a wink on the bus
a blink in a life because
we are made to get on with it
made to get over it
move along, move along.