Break the bones by killing the shadow of blindness hovering ere in front

Projecting dark symmetry in cognitive forms of changeling vision

Proud crest of home felt roots’ origin, found to be none but a savage wasteland

Irreplaceable design evolving to be metamorphosing content

Gyrating linguals of expression filled current

Depth, a well of sinking virtuous kind

Mercurial burn to an exhausted herd of broken time sands,

fire storm dust blown and convicted to an exhaled sigh of a beaten

nonstop rhythmic rust.

Flying an accursed flag of demon fang,

skull and crossed bones

Draw forth a wicked laugh from bawling exclaimed insides

Dagger and thieving steal

Swords of piracy aimed and wielded

in the name of greed and smoke,

rum and merciless pillaging

Journey bright ahead, Snake ridden seas

Death and plundering a path spread out in open wake

Heroes of outlaw exile

Haunt the brim of civilized outline

Purging and feasting upon raided treasure and burning air of

targeted score

Outsiders cast an anchor to faraway shores of abandon galore

Hide away the hunt trophies for later times of braggart stories to tell

Onward once more to sail, upon living tides of broad open stretch

Captain at wheel, Death ship to guide and propel

in steering right to left, forward ahead motion

Pirate ship, reeled in anchor again

thrust off into toned waters of murky dip and ice frothed tip

Into the unknown, devil sign in wind wavering,

upon warning flag emblazoned; the white skull and crossed bones

Background solid black (death)

A sight for to see, for any spellbound victims who hurry and scurry

to escape, to flee, from piracy wrath and treasure disease.