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2015 Film in Review

When lazy critics complain that 2015 was somehow lackluster at the cinema, really what they’re lamenting is the lack of obvious critical bandwagon films from the heavy-hitting American filmmakers they love to rally consensus behind. Sure, there were no Scorsese or Wes Anderson or Coen brothers movies for everyone to collectively fawn over, but instead the … Continue Reading

Landscape Art and Frederic Edwin Church

“One generation abandons the enterprise of another like stranded vessels.”- Henry David Thoreau, Walden Landscape art can be elusive. Within the sort of art exhibition that aggregates paintings from a variety of genres, those with the subjects of clouds, mountains, trees, forests, river, ocean etc. are very likely the least interesting ones for the most … Continue Reading

2014 Film in Review

Another year past, and this was a bit of a strange one. Franchises flourished while many continued to do daring work for cheap, as the spending gap between rich and poor films continued to widen. This year saw huge risks and fearless innovation cross further into the mainstream, thrilling and puzzling audiences alike, from Scarlett … Continue Reading

Just Saying Hello

The good people at Zouch Magazine have invited me to write here, and pretty much post whatever I want to. Sounds like a really great deal. Maybe I’ll write about Japanese photography, Serbian poetry, obscure Russian sci-fi movies, interview my heroes of the internet, or write an essay on the gentrification of my South London birthplace … Continue Reading

VIFF 2014 in review: Part 3

God Help the Girl Stuart Murdoch / UK / 111 mins God Help the Girl opens so blissfully sweet that the impending toothache to come is obvious just minutes in. The debut film from Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch shows great promise in its opening act, following Eve, a beautiful but lost young woman escaping … Continue Reading

Artist Interview – Wil Murray: ‘Please Boss Remember Me’

Susie Pentelow interviews Canadian artist, Wil Murray, to mark the opening of his solo exhibition at Vitrine Gallery in London, UK. Murray’s work is a hybrid of painting and photography that engages in the relationship to time and the object. ZOUCH: Your forthcoming solo exhibition at VITRINE Bermondsey Street‚ ‘Please Boss Remember Me’ presents a body … Continue Reading

Spatial Relations #2 – An Interview with Dominic Muttel

Dominic Muttel is a photographer, designer, and artist based in Colorado. Dominic is a “post movement” designer who cut his teeth on skateboards and reads the contemporary design landscape like a mathematician. (It’s “exponential,” he says.) Dominic suggests designers and artists should be aware of the dynamics of placement and function and feels the work … Continue Reading

Classical Art for the Modern Age: Interview with Ballet Zaida Creator, Oliver Endahl

It is no secret that the arts inspire. Isn’t that the goal of creation? To ignite a spark, or a thought, to push a limit that extends the boundaries of the mind. How far can those limits be pushed? Isn’t one of the challenges, and often triumphs, of art to find the connections between things, … Continue Reading

Artist Interview: Greta Tu

Greta Tu is one of the youngest photographers in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her photography has become an underground work of art, filtering between light and dark, black and white, but it is ethereal, with a documentary eye. It’s hard to pinpoint her into any genre, but that’s what makes Greta someone to watch out for; limitations … Continue Reading

Art Shouts! Nature’s Mysterious Sway

The art of water is mysterious, to say the least. Nature has the ability to mock our sense into believing the unimaginable. Beauty contorts into lavish unknowns through the substance of life which churns inside our own bodies; water. Canadian artist Robert MacNeil has been documenting the ever mythical dance of water  for over two … Continue Reading

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